Agradecemos el interés por apoyar esta causa y llevar dignidad y confort a la vida de nuestros beneficiarios. Es posible apoyarnos con tu donativo a partir de $ 100 escaneando el siguiente QR para entrar a la página que tenemos con Fundación Providencia:

O dispoinble en el siguiente enlace:

Donarías un café

We also accept donations in kind:


  • Office Supplies: White paper (letter and legal) pens, pencils, staples, folders (letter and legal), white board markers,
  • For Patients:
    • Medications: Please contact us TO inquire about necessary and frequently used medications, as well as the requirements to accept them. Thank you.
    • Groceries and diapers.
  • For the interdisciplinary team: gauzes, bidistilled water, 9% saline, syringes (5 - 20ml) Fixation tape, gloves of different sizes (5-8), mouthguards, cleaning material (Soap, iodine solutions, hydrogen peroxide, microdacyn, i.e. hydrogel). MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND FURNITURE.

Please consult us directly to discuss the storage conditions if you are interested in donating equipment or furniture.

We are a donor institution authorized by the SAT (Tax Administration Service). If you are interested in receiving a tax-deductible receipt as an individual or entity, contact us and we will gladly give you the necessary instructions for you to receive the receipt.