"They provided the best care. Taking my brother home was the best decision once we saw a light with the Foundation. We went from one to ten with the support of doctors, psychologist and training. As a result of this support we stopped feeling guilty. ”

Patricia Hernández, 2016

Sister, Primary Caregiver of Patient José de Jesús Hernandez

Hospital at Home Program

“… Helping me to understand more the frequencies we emit and how they influence our lives positively and negatively. To be aware that each action leads to a reaction and that our life and our environment is a consequence of what I say, I do, I think ... "

Yael Ochoa, Medical Intern, 2016

Code of Happiness Workshop

"This workshop has helped me to know how to love people more and understand them from their own point of view and not mine ..."

Juanita Hernández García, 2016 Licensed Social Worker

Palliative Care Unit New Civil Hospital of Guadalajara Juan I Menchaca

Code of Happiness Workshop

Up to now they have helped a lot in everything I needed, if it wasn't for the palliative care team, I couldn't take the medicines I'm taking, my life has improved a lot, because if I did not have this help, I don't know what my life would be like…"

Paciente Jorge Luis Do Santos

Hospital at Home Program

"I've been more calm and the help they give me has served me well, I have liked everything, I receive it very happily and very gratefully."

Patient Chabelita (deceased).

Hospital at Home Program