We believe that as a society and as individuals, we all have the right to live without physical and emotional pain, as well as to receive adequate care in the last stages of our lives, regardless of the cause of the illness.

In 1992 the first service that provided such care was formed in the New Civil Hospital of Guadalajara "Dr. Juan I. Menchaca," which to this day continues in operation.

We use all of our organizing capabilities to enforce the Palliative Care laws in the Mexican Republic to make these a reality, defending the right to a life without pain and a dignified death.

We believe that one way of caring for the community, beyond providing our services, is to bring to the table an issue that is unknown to most Mexicans.

We seek to disseminate palliative care, create spaces for dissemination and debate that motivate the society to get involved in palliative care, demand what is now considered a human right worldwide and improve the care areas for people with chronic-degenerative diseases in advanced stages.