The Mexican Foundation for Palliative Medicine is a non-profit civil society organization founded in 1992 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Our purpose is to provide support to low-income patients with end-stage diseases and a life prognosis of close to 6 months. We do this through home visits with an interdisciplinary professional team: palliative care doctor, psychologist, social worker, nurse, nutritionist and volunteers.

We offer medical care, medicines, counseling in the process of saying goodbye, emotional support for the patient and his or her family, loan of medical equipment, trained volunteers to accompany and prepare family members to care for the patient.

Another of our purposes is to provide palliative care information to contribute significantly to dignity at the end of life. This information is provided to the general population: students, family members, and especially health personnel in order to know how to control and alleviate physical and emotional pain. The information provided will help them to understand how to access powerful pain relievers for patients in these situations.

  • Mission Statement

Provide quality palliative care at home to adult patients with advanced-stage chronic degenerative diseases and their families who are residents of the Guadalajara Metropolitan area. Develop standards to generate a model of care in Palliative Care that transcends in the quality of life of the patient and caregivers, with compassionate treatment through an internal balance using various therapies while respecting the patient's autonomy.

  • Vision Statement

Be a model institution at the national level in the field of Palliative Care. Self-sustaining, with physical space and capacity to provide care to the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. Able to train human resources within the area, as well as spread the right to a dignified life and death without pain.